Menu – Airside


classic breakfast panini sandwich
w/ eggs, cheese, bacon $26

breakfast egg panini sandwich
w/ your choice of three fillings $30

big banana breakfast with two eggs any style,
country potatoes, bacon or pork sausage & toast $32

eggs prepared any style

2 eggs $14

3 eggs $18

two eggs omelet w/ your choice of ham or turkey
& two other fillings $26

bagel sandwich

w/your choice of two fillings: ham, turkey, cheddar cheese

$20 EC
croissant sandwich

freshly baked croissant sandwich w/ your choice of two fillings: ham, turkey, cheddar cheese

$20 EC

burger 101, home-made beef pattie w/ the classic pickle, lettuce, tomato & condiments $28
add cheddar cheese / change to american $3
add bacon $7
add a fried egg $4
add hand cut fries $10
add sweet potato fries $12


chicken, bacon, provolone cheese, horseradish, lettuce & tomatoes $34
tuna baguette with mayo fresh herb & lettuce $32


classic Italian, with prosciutto, mozzarella & fresh basil $34
tomato, roasted peppers and feta cheese with arugula & basil $30


west philly steak & pepper jack cheese $36
chicken caesar $32

Big Banana Medium Crust Classics

slice / 10″
the regular w/ tomato sauce, fresh herbs & cheese $15/$30
pepperoni w/ tomato sauce & cheese $18/$34
veggie w/ tomato sauce, onion, peppers, olives, mushrooms & cheese $18/$34
mexican w/ tomato sauce, chicken, pineapple, jalapeños & cheese $21/$42
all American $40

Thin Crust

fresh sliced tomato, basil pesto & mozzarella $32
the works! w/ italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella, onion, peppers, olives & oregano (no tomato) $21/$42

Extra Toppings

(10” individual pizzas only)

add jalapenos, onion, peppers, olives, mushrooms $3

add an egg, cheese blend, mozzarella, Italian sausage, pepperoni, chicken, ham, bacon, pineapple $6

add prosciutto or shrimp $8

sashimi / nagiri

4 pieces of freshly prepared seafood OR 2 slices of fresh seafood on sushi rice
yellow fin tuna $29
hamachi: yellowtail amberjack $32
atlantic wild caught salmon $30
ebi: steamed shrimp $26
unagi: bbq fresh water eel $29
surimi: steamed crab stick $22


iso roll (8 pieces inside outside roll)

shrimp tempura

w/ avocado, japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds

$54 EC
yellow fin tuna

w/ sliced tuna, cucumber, avocado & spicy mayo

$52 EC
salmon avocado

w/ fresh prepared salmon & local avocado, topped w/ sesame seeds

$52 EC
crispy california

w/ crabstick, cucumber, avocado, japanese mayo & topped with tempura flakes

$48 EC
rainbow roll

w/ crabstick, cucumber, avocado, japanese mayo topped w/ tuna, salmon & hamachi

$54 EC
dragon roll

w/ bbq eel, cucumber & avocado, topped w/ bbq eel, sesame seeds & eel sauce

$55 EC
spider roll

w/ soft blue shell crab tempura, w/ avocado, cucumber spicy mayo, teriyaki & sesame seeds

$54 EC
alaskan roll

w/ crab stick, cucumber & avocado topped w/ hamachi, jalapeno & spicy mayo

$58 EC
dynamite roll

w/ whole tempura roll deepfried w/ your choice of tuna, salmon, hamachi or ebi

$58 EC
maki roll spicy

w/ spring onion, tabasco & tongarashi your choice of tuna or salmon

$49 EC
from the sushi bar
home made miso soup

w/ dashi, spring onion, tofu, & shredded seaweed

$22 EC
seaweed salad

w/ organic greens topped w/ toasted sesame seeds

$26 EC
steamed edamame

baby soy sprinkled w/ coarse sea salt

$29 EC
japanese gyoza

(chicken dumplings) w/ dipping sauce

$30 EC

seared fresh fish w/ seaweed & ponzu sauce w/ your choice of tuna, salmon or hamachi

$49 EC
all tempura shrimp

w/ soy sesame dipping sauce

$48 EC

w/ freshly prepared seafood on a bowl of rice

$58 EC
new style sashimi

fresh thin slice of tuna or salmon w/ ginger, spring onions, garlic & yozu dressing

$52 EC
caribbean beef pattie
$12 EC
fried chicken wings

w/ bbq sauce or blue cheese dipping sauce
3 pieces $16
6 pieces $30


bbq $16
oriental $30

jumbo hot dog
$12 EC
hand-cut potato fries
$10 EC
sweet potato fries
$12 EC
fried plantains
$9 EC

please visit our deli counter or ask your server for today’s warm chef’s specials & sides


tomato & mozzarella

$37 EC
grilled mediterranean vegetables
$33 EC
toss greens salad

a medley of lettuce, carrot, red cabbage

$34 EC
dijon salad

w/ lettuce, spinach, fresh tomatoes & hardboiled egg

$37 EC
white quinoa & black beans

with market vegetables

$35 EC
chickpea salad

w/ fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, corn & cilantro

$32 EC
traditional greek salad

w/ tomatoes, black olives, onion, peppers, oregano & feta cheese

$37 EC
combo salad

choose any 3 deli salads to build your combo

$38 EC
three bean salad

with chick pea, red bean, black bean in sweet chili sauce w/ fresh herbs and red onion

$32 EC

add grilled chicken breast $18
add garlic shrimp $28
add salmon $40

Veggie pasta
$55 EC
Shrimp pasta
$65 EC
Chicken pasta
$60 EC

served with two sides (sauted potato, steamed vegetables, fries, plantain, rice, side salad)

salmon fillet
$70 EC
mahi mahi
$70 EC
home-made gelato

french vanilla, rum & raisin $10/$13/$16
extra dark chocolate $13/$16/$19

please visit our deli counter and discover today’s homemade sweets & pastry selection

illy espresso single or double $10/$15
illy latte, cappuccino $13
illy extra shot $7
regular filtered coffee $7/$9
assorted teas and herbal teas $8
hot chocolate $8

sodas & sparkling coolers

ting – the caribbean grapefruit soda $10
san pellegrino sparkling flavored $13
coca cola $10
diet coke $10
ginger ale $10
tonic $10
soda $10
pink punch $10
gatorade $10
vita malt $10
red bull $15


ice tea $10
ribena $12
minute maid – assorted flavors $12
local juices – assorted flavors $12
caprisun $4


fat boy coconut water $18
acqua panna still 500ml $14
san pellegrino sparkling 500ml $16
bottled water $8


chardonnay $18/$88
sauvignon blanc $19/$95
pinot grigio $20/$98
house red wine $18/$88
merlot $19/$95
pinot noir $20/$97
prosecco brut or rosé $20/$97
rosé $18/$88


wadadli $13
carib $13
heineken $13
coors light $13
corona $15
presidente $15
guinness $15

spirits & cocktails

house brands $13
premium brands $15/$30
cocktails $15/$30