choice of linguini, fusili or penne in creme, tomato or olive oil sauce w/ chunks of tender chicken breast

$33.00 EC
BBQ or Baked Chicken Qtr w/ Fries

w/ rice and veg – $34.00 EC

$29.00 EC
Grilled Chicken Breast

tender breast of chicken, served w/ rice & veggies or fries

$45.00 EC
Catch of the Day

served grilled or pan fried w/ creole sauce or steamed w/ garlic butter on the side served w/ rice & veggies

$58.00 EC
Fish & Chips

breaded, deef fried strips of fish fillet w/ tartar sauce & fries

$25.00 EC
Chicken Fingers

succulent homemade chicken tenders in seasoned bread crumbs, deep fried w/ fries

$25.00 EC