Salads from the Deli Counter


tomato & mozzarella

$37 EC
grilled mediterranean vegetables
$33 EC
toss greens salad

a medley of lettuce, carrot, red cabbage

$34 EC
dijon salad

w/ lettuce, spinach, fresh tomatoes & hardboiled egg

$37 EC
white quinoa & black beans

with market vegetables

$35 EC
chickpea salad

w/ fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, corn & cilantro

$32 EC
traditional greek salad

w/ tomatoes, black olives, onion, peppers, oregano & feta cheese

$37 EC
combo salad

choose any 3 deli salads to build your combo

$38 EC
three bean salad

with chick pea, red bean, black bean in sweet chili sauce w/ fresh herbs and red onion

$32 EC

add grilled chicken breast $18
add garlic shrimp $28
add salmon $40